Solar power is known to be the key to a green world with a brighter future and an environment that has not been wrecked by the poison known as pollution. Why do you think solar power is the key to a better and greener world? Well, the reason is because solar power has the ability to reduce the carbon footprint that humans have left on this planet.

As everybody already knows, the United States is not too rich in minerals such as coal. In addition, we need coal in order to produce electricity and that is the reason why we need to import coal from affiliate nations. However, if we gradually replace normal power with solar power, we will be able to reduce the United State’s dependence on coal. This will in turn lead to a better economy.

With our team of Energy consultants and Professional Solar Installers, we’ve collected and gathered a list of Top 6 Solar Companies in America that are providing residential solar installations nationwide.

READY TO GO SOLAR? Check our Top 6 List of Solar Companies in 2021:

Big Star Builders has seen increased in growth this 2020 amid Covid-19 Crisis

Despite the challenges that this crisis is presenting, Solar companies are pushing through in providing clean and green energy to homeowners all over United States.

“We are taking every precaution that we can to prevent the spread of this virus while maintaining proper installation procedures, we make sure our professional installers are briefed and ready to handle the surge of new clients, amid the crisis.” Big Star Builders team stated.

Big Star Builders just opened new locations in California, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada and Texas, they are expecting to open more locations by 2021.

Big Star Builders is one of several companies continue to see increasing growth across United States, amidst ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

More families are staying at home during COVID-19 precautions, leading to higher power costs from energy utilities, luckily solar companies like Big Star Builders has continued to provide Solar power to homes that significantly reduces energy expenses.

Big Star Builders hired 100+ more people to better accommodate homes and families that are looking to switch to Solar this year.

Owning a home or business comes with many difficult decisions. Determining whether to install solar panels on your property is only the beginning – you also have to decide if you’re going to lease or buy them. This choice isn’t always clear-cut, so it requires a bit of research and consideration. It’s definitely something you don’t want to rush into without complete understanding. So before you sign a leasing contract with a solar company in California, read this quick overview.