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Operating a medical facility is an important responsibility. You have employees and patients relying on your facility to maintain power so that it can function properly. Fuel generators are typically used as a form of backup, but this too can run out and leave a hospital or clinic in darkness.   In order to steer clear of dilemmas such as this, medical facilities can and should invest in solar energy. At Big Star Builders, we specialize in installing solar systems into medical buildings and facilities.

Our licensed contractors can come to your property to assess your energy needs and install a system that will ensure you have not just backup energy, but energy you can use daily.

The Benefits of Installing Solar Systems in Medical Facilities

You will find more and more medical centers implementing solar systems into their properties. There are many reasons why this trend is picking up.   For one, it reduces energy consumed by the utility grid. This in turn reduces the power costs of the facility. When a solar panel system is set up, you get a lot of your energy from the sun. Then if you install a battery backup pack, you can store excess energy to be used after the sun sets and for cloudy days.

Your reduced reliance on the grid is empowering, plus it helps the environment. The amount of energy used by medical facilities is pretty high given all the electrical equipment used throughout the day.   At Big Star Builders, we will help set up a solar system that will supply your organization with the energy it needs to reduce utility grid usage as much as possible.

The savings you witness from the reduced energy consumption can go towards other areas of your medical operations. Then whenever there are power outages, such as during storms or power failures, you can still continue to operate without a missed beat.   There are also other ways to put more money in your pocket. By going solar, you can get access to government funds. There are various financial incentives you can take advantage of by doing so.

For example, in California, the state’s Energy Commission gives hospitals low-interest loans to finance the installation of solar panels. You can also see if you qualify for tax breaks and rebates.

The Process of Solar Installation

If all of these benefits of going solar sound great, you may be wondering how you can get started. The first step is to contact Big Star Builders. We have specialists who can help you with the planning, paperwork for permits and obtaining government financing.   We will walk you through the entire process to ensure you get the your solar system up and running in little time.

Once you contact us for a consult, we will send an adviser to your medical facility to do an energy audit and assessment. We will go over your current energy usage and cost to determine the best design options to benefit your organization.   After confirming the solar set up for your facility, we will begin the engineering phase. Our professionals will customize your solar system to tailor your facility requirements.

We work quickly without sacrificing quality of the installation. If for some reason you don’t qualify for government financing, you can inquire with us about getting financed through us.

Upgrade Your Medical Facility with Solar Power

Big Star Builders is here to help you plan and execute your solar power upgrade. For over 25 years, we’ve helped medical facilities throughout California with solar panel installations.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and to get a free estimate for your upgrade to solar!