Educational Facilities



Education Facilities

The purpose of schools is to educate its student on a better way of life. One great example you can set for your pupils is to install solar panels into your educational facility.   This will show your approach to the growing problem of global warming and wasted fossil fuels. There are various other benefits your school can witness by going solar.

At Big Star Builders, we have have a team of licensed contractors that can assist you with this energy transformation. We have specialists on staff who can do the design and installation of the solar system.   The various benefits of going solar is what makes educational facilities a great candidate for solar panel installations. Let’s review some of these benefits to help you decide if it’s the right move for you.

Offset Your Monthly Utility Bills

One of the biggest advantages of going solar is the cost savings. When you install solar panels for your facility, it reduces your load on the utility grid. This means less money being charged on your power bill.

Your solar panel set up will determine how much you can reduce your energy consumption by. The lager the installation, the less you’ll use and the more you’ll save.   At Big Star Builders, we can help you determine the best solar design for your school to gain the maximum energy savings possible.

The money you save can go towards much-needed items and programs for your students.  On average, K-12 schools use approximately $6 billion per year of taxpayers money for energy costs. That’s more than what’s spent on textbooks and computers combined.

It’s also the second highest expense after salaries, so attacking this area is smart on behalf of any schools that take advantage of solar energy.   There are over 3,750 K-12 schools in the US with solar installations already, don’t get left behind!

Educational Opportunities

Besides the monetary benefits of solar energy, educational facilities can benefit through the educational opportunities it presents. The installation of solar panels can be an educational experience for students. Plus, seeing how it’s applied to everyday life also helps educate them about solar energy.

For example, you can use the system to show performance data to calculate how much energy the school uses and how much money is being saved.   You can also introduce problems for the children to solve, such as determining how the tilt angles of the panels affect the energy output. Teachers can even have the students perform research projects on the exploration of the physics of solar energy and how it compares to traditional energy sources.

Then whatever the students learn about solar energy, they can apply it by conducting an energy audit of a local non-profit organization. Based on the performance data of their school, they can make recommendations to help the non-profit save money.

Getting More Students to Your School

The PR benefits behind going solar can also attract more students to your institution. This is especially true for colleges, universities, private schools and charter schools where parents and students have a choice.

Safety Concerns Addressed

Power outages don’t always happen after school hours. This means you need backup power you can use that’s reliable, long-lasting and cost-effective. Solar energy meets all three criteria by giving you ongoing power through storms and outages.

At Big Star Builders, we can set up battery backup packs that will store extra energy to use when its dark or cloudy out, or during an outage.

Installing a Solar System in Your School

The benefits make going solar a very attractive option to schools everywhere. If you have an educational facility in California that you’re considering upgrading to solar, then give us a call.

The professionals at Big Star Builders will walk you through the process from design to installation. We customize all the systems using the best quality solar panels and energy efficient equipment. Plus, the materials we use are eco-friendly.

Give us a call today to learn more and to schedule your free consultation!