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Owners of commercial and industrial properties know the pain points associated with energy costs. This is especially true for properties that operate around the clock and have heavy machinery and equipment.   Then there’s the issue of dealing with unreliable power sources that sometimes have blackouts, brownouts, rolling blackouts and various other power interruptions. Dealing with pressures of cutting back on expenses, improving air quality and minimizing emissions of greenhouse gases can be strenuous.

The solution to all of these issues lies with cogeneration. At Big Star Builders, we have helped many industrial and commercial property owners with upgrading their power supply with cogeneration technologies.   This can too help your commercial or industrial complex on various levels.

What is Cogeneration?

In a traditional power set up, you are using electricity from a utility company that operates on burned fuel. The more energy your facility uses, the more emission releases you contribute to.   With cogeneration, this problem is addressed by using a combination of electricity and heat to produce and distribute power. Typically, a natural gas is used to create the electricity and hot water or steam is produced at the same time.

Rather than buying electricity from your utility company and burning fuel from an on-site boiler or furnace that produces thermal energy, you can use cogeneration. This gives your facility both forms of energy in one energy-efficient step.   What also makes cogeneration advantageous is the fact the system is set up at or near where the power is being distributed to. This helps to minimize the losses during distribution and transmission from he power plant.

What Are the Benefits of Cogeneration?

The number one benefit of cogeneration is the cost savings. Both industrial and commercial properties can benefit from this form of energy distribution.   The best applications for cogeneration are within buildings and facilities that have consistent thermal and electric loads. This includes schools, nursing homes, recreational facilities, hotels, hospitals and industrial facilities.

Cogeneration not only offers an affordable way of getting energy, but it also acts as a reliable and high-quality source. The potential of outages or inefficient supply of power are minimal. Unlike traditional energy sources, cogeneration has a positive environmental impact – it reduces greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.   The offset of energy costs can be used to enhance other areas of your commercial or industrial facility.

Converting Your Facility with Cogeneration Technology

If you own a commercial or industrial facility, then you too can witness the benefits of cogeneration. You can get started with the process by contacting Big Star Builders.   We have over 25 years of experience in the construction and energy field. We’ve helped numerous commercial and industrial customers with their transition into cogeneration.

Once you contact us for a consultation, we’ll send an adviser to your property to determine the best design and set up for your energy transformation.   We keep our customers in the know every step of the process to ensure their satisfaction. All of the materials we use for the installation are environmentally-friendly, which further helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

This is your chance to go green in a cost-effective way. With the help of our contractors, you can reduce business costs, aid in creating green-collar jobs and boosting efficiency.   Our experts will also help you to determine whether or not you qualify for tax credits, rebates and other government incentives. If you own a hospital, prison, military base, university, wastewater treatment facility or any other commercial, institutional, municipal or industrial property, we can help.

Contact us today to learn more about transforming your facility with cogeneration.