Cannabis Energy Solutions


Energy Solutions

The medical cannabis industry is quickly growing, especially here in California. And with more and more growers resorting to indoor growing methods, the need for proper grow lights has increased.  The lights used for growing cannabis isn’t your ordinary cost-effective LED light bulb. In order to grow marijuana, you need powerful lights, which means more energy consumption. This can spell money trouble for those aspiring to be commercial cannabis cultivators.  One solution to the financial burden of cannabis growing is to install solar panels. At Big Star Builders, we have solar solutions you can use to turn your greenhouse or indoor grow house a success.

The Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy

In the cannabis cultivation industry, power consumption is a real concern. Grow houses are typically used, which requires special grow lights. Unfortunately, LED lights, which are cheap and energy-efficient, aren’t good enough.

They simply don’t produce enough usable light to grow plants. The power-hungry grow lights cultivators need instead are just too expensive to operate.  Those who rely on the utility grid to grow cannabis are the ones hurting the most financially. Then there’s the impact on the environment. The amount of power used by cannabis growers is skyrocketing, which means the consumption of fossil fuels is as well.  The CO2 emissions released by these plants continue to damage to ozone layer, leading to more global warming.

Safeguard Your Cannabis Crops

The opportunity is here for cannabis farmers to switch up their power to solar. And by doing so, you can keep your cannabis crops safe. Growing your marijuana outdoors means it’s at risk of exposure to outdoor elements, people and insects.  By growing your plants indoors, you have more control over the conditions your crops grow in. This means a higher yield per growing session.

Save Money to Expand Your Business

With a solar panel set up, you can put more money into your pocket to use for expanding your cannabis cultivation. In some cases, growers can offset around 800 kw hours per month. This is about the size of a small grow room.  If the bill is 10 cents per kilowatt, then that’s about $80 per month saved. Of course, the larger your solar panel set up, the more you can potentially save. The more you offset, the higher the profits of your business.

Save Money On Your Solar Installation

There are government incentives some businesses qualify for when they set up solar panels. At Big Star Builders, we can do the paperwork to see if you meet the criteria.  You may also qualify for a low-interest loan to help pay for the solar panels you install.

How to Set Up Solar Panels for Your Cannabis Crops

If you already have a green house or indoor grow rooms, then all you need to do now is set up a consultation with Big Star Builders. We can help you identify the best design for your solar system so that you can get max savings and energy for your needs.  In some instances, we can offset 50% or more of your energy usage.  We will start by coming to your property to do an energy audit of your cannabis crop. From here, we can determine how many solar panels you need to really save money on your energy costs.  It’s also wise to have a battery backup pack set up by our contractors, so that you can have backup energy in the event of a power outage. You can also use the stored energy on cloudy days.  Our professionals will install American-made solar panels in your home using eco-friendly materials.

If you’re ready to start the planning for your customer solar system, then give us a call today!