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For the last 25 years

For over 25 years, the experts at Big Star Builders have helped customers with solar in California, Texas, Florida, Utah and Nevada. Here’s a quick overview of the various services we provide for our customers.

There’s nothing better than getting all of your construction needs from one contractor. At Big Star Builders, we specialize in everything to do with new construction and property remodeling and upgrades.

Our main focus is on improving the environmental-friendliness of the properties we work on. Our licensed and insured contractors are qualified to assist you on making these improvements to your residential, commercial or government property.



You can use this for your commercial or industrial property to minimize power costs and your carbon footprint.

Residential Solar

Homeowners are turning to solar energy as a way to reduce their reliance on the grid. We’ve helped countless homeowners over the years with solar system installations.

Commercial Solar

By going solar, these entities can save money that can go into making other business-related improvements and growth.

Solar Battery Backup

You can’t have a complete solar setup without battery backup. Solar panels are what soak up the sun’s energy, but without batteries, it won’t be able to store it for later use.

Heating & Air Conditioning

Your HVAC system should do more than just heat and cool your home. If your heating and air conditioning unit doesn’t help you save energy money, then you’re missing out.


Your roof provides protection from outdoor elements. It’s crucial to have this inspected, maintained and repaired as needed.